Engage, nurture and analyze your website audience, employees, social media followers and existing clients. Anywhere. Anytime.

Octopii(n): A Brand engagement, reviews and analytics platform designed to nurture more meaningful client/audience relationships while promoting brand reputation. Powered by Natural Language Processing and innovative next generation polling. Octopii serves as the foundation of our product suite.

Octopii makes sense of the conversation for both you and your audience.

A portal, comments and analytics platform that allows you to engage and make sense of the conversation for you and your audience. Easy to create and deploy, Octopii allows you to engage your users in a new and creative way.
Octopii’s unique ability to semantically aggregate huge volumes of endless comments/reviews and conversational threads into a real-time cloud of the most important issues allows the audience to navigate and join the conversation where it matters most, all with just a click.

  • Engage openly and transparently with your audience.
  • Bring the conversation home to your site, taking influence away from third parties.

  • Allow the audience to see what is trending within the conversation.
  • Survey and analyze in real time. Access world class analytics that you own and control.

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Be creative and use Octopii to engage all of your audience.


See how Octopii was used in a historic first during a UK National Election to engage and analyze the local populace in real time while increasing page visits by over 700%.

National Election Case Study

How Octopii engages and makes sense of the conversation.


We combine five essential components into one next generation solution.





Includes a comment system that allows you to ask open ended questions of your consumers, employees, fans or readers in real time. Meanwhile, the auto-linguistic clouds, share of voice and sentiment indicators transform the audience experience. Deploy to your website or intranet and customize within hours.



Make sense of the conversation and solve the problems of audience frustration and disinterest when faced with a sea of comments by turning them into a dynamic story. Now every comment is discoverable within a click. Every comment has value and the engagement achieves its true potential.

The Power Gauge allows the audience to categorize their comments, adding value to the conversation. Categories can be set within seconds. Positive, Negative, Neutral. Democrat, Republican, Third Party. Win, Lose, Draw. The Power Gauge means you can now see at a glance the shape of the engagement while filtering the NLP analytics at will.

Consist of a Feature Extraction Engine powered by Augmented Transition Networks and Semantic Analysis resulting in unparalleled contextual insight and the best possible engagement.

Our dashboard is both powerful and intuitive, requiring little training and no dedicated staffing.


With OctoComment, deploy the first NLP powered comment system.



  • Shows the story within the conversation via the auto-linguistic tiles.
  • Allows the audience to filter the conversation via the power gauge results.

  • Solves the issue of too many comments diluting the value of engagement.
  • Increases the value of the engagement and subsequently its stickability.

OctoComment is a powerful next generation comment system that allows for you to make sense of previously overwhelming volumes of audience data with ease. OctoComment can be deployed just as quickly as Octopii and works on a similar premise: promoting user engagement and increasing data retention.

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Survey and ask open ended questions in real time with OctoFeedback.

With OctoFeedback, deploy a powerful consumer research and engagement tool directly to your site, taking control of the conversation, collecting valuable analytics and developing an in-depth understanding of what your users have to say about any topic of your choosing.
OctoFeedback is the ultimate consumer research tool, combining open ended questions with interactive polling, cutting edge analytics and the ability to deploy within minutes.




  • Turn any audience into a focus group within a matter of minutes.
  • Ask open ended questions while letting the audience categorize their responses via the power gauge.

  • Access world class analytics via an easy to understand dashboard.
  • Eliminate the need to hire expensive consultants or purchase noisy social media listening tools.

Start using OctoFeedback and the Power Gauge in a matter of minutes. For a limited time only, we are offering our products as a FREE 3-month trial.


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Go beyond relying on a like or number of followers to understand your audience.


Real-time world class analytic algorithms originally developed for the U.S. Air Force, including cutting edge natural language processing for feature extraction and sentiment analysis.


Replace previous convoluted and overly complex data analysis software with our intuitive and easy to use dashboard. The dashboard requires little to no training and does away with dedicated staffing, allowing you to free up more of your resources and optimize your work output.
With our analytics, you can understand the shape of the conversation immediately. Browse the information–taking advantage of all the different ways to view your data cube leading to fast and full comprehension of previously intractably large data sets.
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“Sentiment 360 offers a comprehensive package to overhaul your site’s social presence.”


Our Promise

We’ll help you engage more effectively with your internal and external audiences with our advanced, yet easy to use, social engagement platform. We’ll give you greater customer insights with our Octopii social conversation portals and real-time analytics that provide deeper actionable insights to further increase engagement and customer loyalty.


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Send your technical guy here. Integration, expansion and our API are explained but, remember that Octopii can be deployed by anyone within hours.


The Octopii platform was developed in GWT (Google Web Toolkit). It is a JavaScript client that interacts with a Java server for back-end functionality. Very little of the system was written in native JavaScript. Instead, we leverage the power of Java (Strong type checking and true OOP) to design our software. The client side is then compiled from Java to JavaScript using the GWT compiler. This approach allows us to write and maintain a relatively large amount of code even though we only have a full time small development team.


The Octopii platform is hosted on one of our external servers. It can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into your page by copying and pasting an i-Frame into the appropriate div on your website. It only takes a couple of clicks to be up and running with Octopii on your homepage.

API (SOAP Web Service)

There is also an API for developers that can be accessed through a link to a WSDL file on our site. This allows access to all of our core functionality, letting you implement the presentation layer of your choosing. *Charges may apply depending on usage volume.


If your system were to ever crash, would my page crash?
No. Our system is completely modular. This means that it is completely separate from your web domain. Because it is implemented through an i-Frame, users may interact with the Octopii system from your webpage, but the Octopii system cannot interact with your webpage from the i-Frame.

Are there any security concerns with embedding the Octopii system into my web page?
No. (See the above response). In the highly unlikely event that we were to get hacked and taken offline temporarily, there would be a blank i-Frame displaying a 404 error where the Octopii platform should go. The rest of your page would be unaffected because it is in no way dependent upon our server. In other words, your data is completely separate from our system.

Can you integrate with my CMS?
Yes. We can integrate with anything that uses HTML.

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